At Fine Fettle, we love our fruit and veg. And like most people, we love to nibble.
So we put the two together, and did a little tinkering in our kitchen, and we came up with a snack that’s a bit different. Something made with real fruit or real vegetables squished flat then dried. To keep things simple, we lovingly refer to them as ‘Flats’.

It doesn’t end there. We started to experiment with all sorts of stuff. Good healthy snacks aplenty. You could try our deliciously simple dried fruit, or just wait and see what else we’ve got up our sleeves…

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Our Company

Launched in 2009, we are an Australian owned company, based in Sydney. With a rapidly growing retailer and customer base across Australia, we also have a range of on-the-go Flats snack packs available on Qantas (domestic economy) and a bunch of other healthy treats in the making which will keep people on their toes and on the edge of their taste buds.

Our Products / Our Philosophy

Fine Fettle offers a range of innovative and healthy snacks. Real food where you can actually see the ingredients. Our products involve minimal processing. It’s likely you’ll have everything we use already in your kitchen or can easily find at your local grocer. And you certainly won’t find anything in our packs that you can’t pronounce or is assigned a number.

At the core of what we do is dehydration of fruits and vegetables. We dry slowly at low temperatures which helps maintain nutritional goodness and also concentrate the natural flavours of the produce.

We use Australian ingredients where ever possible. Absolutely no GM foods, and are a fully gluten free facility.


  1. Madison Campbell

    I just purchased your Zucchini & Almond flats, & I’m completely over the moon! I have been searching for a wheat/grain/preservative/additive free option for so long! Not only does this fit the bill, but I can’t believe how delicious they are, & Australian owned too! Couldn’t get any better. Finally I can happily & healthy keep my chip, or should I say flat & dip obsession going! Thank-you so much. Keep up the great work!

  2. Em

    Absolute god send for a low carb diet! Brilliant.

  3. Natalia

    I just tried the corn dries with tomato salsa and tamari flecks on a Qantas flight and it was absolutely delicious. Had to see where I can buy more! Can’t wait to try the other varieties!

  4. Wendi Overall

    Thank you Thank you Fine Fettle. I was thrilled to finally be served something on a flight that was delicious and different and, most of all, suitable for my wheat intolerance. I loved the Corn Dries with Tomato Salsa and Tamari Flecks so much that I kept the packaging and came home and googled you. Can’t wait to go and pick lots of packs up from my local distributor.

  5. Julie

    What a nice surprise on a Qantas flight today to get the delicious corn dries with tomato salsa and tamari flecks. Kept the wrapper to see where I can buy them, fantastic flavour, all natural, great job! You’ve got a new customer and fan.

  6. Claire

    Wow. Just had the corn cakes and salsa on a Qantas flight – the best snack ever. I kept the packaging to find out more, and am so excited that I can get your products locally.

  7. Sarah

    I just had the berry and almond flats, they are delicious! I have always had a sweet tooth and need a little treat in the afternoon and have finally found a delicious healthy snack!! Thanks fine fettle :) can’t wait to try other flavors!

  8. Jody

    Just tried your ‘Fruit dried and nothing more’ extremely delicious and full of FLAVOUR Yum!! I had to check out your website to see what else you made. I will be hounding my local store to become a stockist. Thank you for making so yum and fun!

  9. Kerry

    So fantastic !! I love my hummus so to find these as an alternative to water crackers is awesome . I tried the sweet corn and hummus . Love it !

  10. Angela de Ville

    All I can say is Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Finally, a healthy all natural snack on the shelves filled with vegetables. Good on you all. Look forward to any other products you may be planning. So healthy, over the moon. Keep up the good work.

  11. Eileen Curran

    I found your flats at woolworths Miranda .They are amazing .I am a type 1 diabetic ,so always happy when I find nutritious , low Carb , healthy snacks .Thank you.

  12. Britta

    Wow! I just found your exciting range of Flats today, and couldn’t resist giving them a try. How could I not, after all Aussie made!, gluten free and grain free, low carb and no added nasties just simply ingredients. I’ve tried the zucchini and almond flats and they are a winner and that’s why I’ve come to your website to find out more!

  13. Tiffany Orchard

    These crackers are a perfect accompaniment to lunch – they’re great for dipping and hold on toppings without breaking. I can’t believe they’re made with no nasties, all natural ingredients and seriously YUM. So awesome!

  14. Domenique Tsiopelakos

    your snacks are awesome! I am on a no sugar, low carb diet and the almond and zucchini are perfect, but you can’t stop at 1 packet! Found them by chance in Safeway but my local store does not have them, would like to see them in all major food stores so I can keep snacking all day long. Keep up the good work esp the ones with no sugar, love them!

  15. Sue Heart

    I found your Zucchini and Almond Flats at The Shed Market, on the outskirts of Busselton, WA, last Friday night. They were at the Cambray stall and were delicious with the Cambray Sheep’s Cheddar with peppercorn (yum!) and other home made dips I found at the Margaret River Market on Saturday. Now, here I am, the night I get home, Googling you (I had to forgo the packet and just remember before I forgot!) Thank you for your wonderful product. So impressed with Qantas and their obvious intention to have fab healthy Aussie products like yours for passengers. Yay Fine Fetttle! Yay Qantas! THANK YOU :)

  16. Ananamos

    I tried the sweet corn and paprika and it was delisous,I am in love with defenitly having them again.

  17. Emma

    I absolutely love your healthy snacks, they are so delicious and healthy. I hope that you guys can create more products and introduce to the public.

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