Internet Explorer 9

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Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft browser allows you to browse classics online, and install a wide range of options (Security, privacy, ease of use).

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Security and privacy settings new

Internet Explorer 9 has a new look and offers many options that allowed him to get closer to him;

In terms of privacy, InPrivate filtering (which allows you to see Incognito) is greatly appreciated and allows you to choose without saving visited pages in your history or accept cookies. Now you can also configure privacy settings to select the data you want to share with websites that you want to share;

Security also seems to have been improved by Microsoft, and Internet Explorer 9 offers new tools such as protection from detection and Smartscreen filter (which allow you to check the security certificate of the page you visited to create a web page that is not desired to Avoid).

Set up Web browsing

Internet Explorer 9 is a feature for Microsoft, finally, that the System tab in your web browser. It is no longer necessary to open a new window for any other sites that you visit, and trust us, this new feature is really a mouthful of fresh air for Internet Explorer. Too bad, however, that this innovation takes so long (longer than he saw competition) introduced!

However, it is a browser that offers some of the most interesting options. You can customize language settings to select the version displayed on your website. It’s simple if you traveled abroad or always wanted to display web pages in a language other than your browser. You can also change the search engine, select your Favorites, and you don’t necessarily need to use Bing as a basis.

Internet Explorer 9 also catch when it comes to connection and now offers an additional plugin to customize your browser. However, donterwarten many connection, Internet Explorer is indeed responsible for kepadaKelewatan with other browsers such as Firefox! However, the performance of the new connection Center provide an Accelerator to test the use of resources, so you can quickly identify the connection could slow down your browser.

Browsers still have a lot of work to be done

There is a suspicion Microsoft has radically revised copy of Internet Explorer 9, with a selection of new (and welcome) in terms of privacy, security and improvements. Particularly noteworthy is that the center of the growing performance, included in any of the pictures in

But despite the efforts of developers, Internet Explorer 9 still lagging behind other competitors notable. Nowhere near as fast as chrome as versatile as Firefox or how easily Asopera, the browser Microsoft is too light to grow and too difficult to improve any actual speed. Internet Explorer 9 is a browser deshop, but not nearly the top of the genre.

Internet Explorer 9

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