Vegan Jerky, the Sustainable Snack for the Future

As the world of plant-based food continues to grow, meat-based jerkies are no longer alone on the shelf. There are now more vegan and vegetarian jerkies available than ever before. More Australians are looking to reduce their meat intake, for either environmental, health or ethical reasons, meaning the demand for more sustainable snacks has grown.

Farming livestock such as cows has a large impact on the environment, contributing to land and water degradation as well as deforestation and biodiversity loss, mostly through emissions. Red meat also has other environmental impacts. 

Plant farming has a far lower environmental impact, and is generally more efficient, another reason why plant-based snacks and meals are rising in popularity. Vegan and vegetarian products made from wholefoods are also generally healthier than their meat-based counterparts. In particular, mushroom and dried vegetable jerky is usually full of protein yet low in cholesterol.

Why is mushroom jerky the best choice? 

Mushrooms are packed with nutrients and have various health benefits. Some dieticians even call them ‘nutritional powerhouses’. They contain antioxidants and are a good source of fibre - they also contain naturally occurring Vitamin D (a rarity in vegan foods). Mushrooms are also one of the most sustainable foods on the planet due to the low amount of water and power needed to grow them. 

Due to their sponge-like structure, mushrooms are great at absorbing the flavours of a marinade. The natural earthy umami flavour of mushrooms like shiitake and portobello goes with popular vegan flavours such as tamari, making them a delicious snack that mimics the meaty texture of traditional jerky. 

Mushrooms are packed with tasty earthy flavour, which is why we use portobello mushrooms, sourced from local Australian farmers, in our Kind of a Jerk vegan jerky. Their sponge-like structure also makes them great at absorbing our flavourful marinade. At Fine Fettle we use flavours familiar to Australian vegans, such as tamari mushroom and salted vegetable. We’re proud to call our vegan jerky Australian-made, just like everything else we make. Kind of a Jerk is delicious, chewy and moreish - try some today.

Find it at your local health food shop, Harris Farm or online here, or via Amazon and Catch.

*Please be aware that we are not medical professionals. Consult your doctor when making changes to your diet.