So, we love the squished FLATS are they vegan friendly? 

ALL our products are completely vegan friendly, 100% natural and made in Australia from Australian produce. 


Our products are not fried, but dried - what does that mean?

All our products are dehydrated, which means we are able to cook them preservative free, oil free at a low temperature. This retains and preserves their important nutrients. 


OK, we get it - You dehydrate, but at what temperature?

We dehydrate all our sourced produce at different temperatures. We aim to not only retain our fruit and vegetables flavours but also their nutrients. Temperatures for dehydrating are anywhere between 45 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius. 


Yum, we love these products - where can we find your products?

You can find us Australia wide. Go to our stockists page for more information on where our distributors stock our products. Otherwise, search for the products you like on our webpage and we can deliver straight to your door. 


How do we like to serve our products? 

They are great on their own but we love to dip our FLATS in some avocado salsa, dunk with in some freshly made tahini hummus or just add a spoonful of cottage cheese on top - just delicious.