Just a quick complementary email to say how much I enjoy your fine fettle fruit season mix on board my Qantas flight to Darwin this morning. I have never had such delicious dried fruit before that didn’t have extra sugar or preservatives. Congratulations on developing this fine healthy snack. I hope they are available in supermarkets across Australia.
Well done!


Just want to say I have just eaten the seasonal mix Fruit packet I was given in my gluten free meal on my qantas flight yesterday. It was a delicious. I stopped eating dried apricots a long time ago because of the use of preservatives.

Love that your product is gluten free of course but also that they are Australian grown and dried; my children are grown up now but I would have been very happy to put a packet of these in each lunch box. Keep making the good product.


I’d just like to thank you so much for creating such a successful, delicious, healthy snack.
I LOVE your Zucchini and Almond Flats, they’re pure joy and happiness in a box.
I am still struggling to believe that I have found such a scrumptious cracker (although they’re so much more than crackers) that I can actually eat (I have a highly restricted diet) that has no added nasties!
If I’m ever down, I reach for my Fine Fettle Flats, and oh my goodness I’m immediately filled with utter joy (and tasty goodness).


I just wanted to let you know that I was served your Tomato and Basil with pesto dip on a Qantas flight and was blown away at how delicious they were. Thank goodness you have stockists in Brisbane – I will be giving them a visit on the weekend!!!


I just want to let you know that my wife, boys and I all love your delicious flats!
I also really like your packaging and the way you present yourself.


Just discovered your flats at my local greengrocer. They are my new fave. I’m currently devouring the Spiced Pear and Hazelnut ones and for a health-nut like me who loathes additives and chemicals and preservatives these are the perfect snack. Thanks for the yummy times


Just thought I would write you a quick thank you.  Today I bought a packet of Zucchini and Almond flats.  I have so many allergies so it is difficult sometimes to eat properly.  These flats are fabulous, not just good for me, but absolutely delicious.  Other crackers/snacks taste like cardboard, so this is an absolute treat.
Thank you again. Kind regards,


Hi Guys,
Just thought I would drop you an email to tell you how impressed I am about your Flats. I had only purchased them today as I have been searching in desperation to find something healthy to snack on during the day. Can I tell you they taste fantastic and I can wait to try all the flavours, please continue doing what you’re doing!! If there are other products you do I would love to find out about them.
Kind regards, Your new customer


I purchased your fabulous product the other weekend while we were in Bondi and absolutely loved it!! I am always looking for nutritious and healthy yummies for me and my family and you have made the most perfect solution!!


Just a quick praise email about your “Fruit – Dried and nothing more’ product – I bought two of the mini 25g packs yesterday – one went into my son’s lunchbox this morning and the other into my handbag for a work snack.
I have just devoured mine and it was awesome and I want more – each piece of fruit was sweet and full of flavour – honestly the best dried fruit I have had in ages and all this without the preservatives and sulphates – so well done.
Thanks and cheers


Just tried your zucchini flats … Saw them at Norton St Grocer in Bondi Junction and thought I’d give them a try. They are absolutely delicious ! Having digestive problems with lactose and starchy foods, these are a perfect find for me!


Hello Fine Fettle, I purchased your FLATS in Tomato and Basil today and I just wanted to say how great it to find a healthy snack! I have recently started clean eating (not completely) and it’s been impossible trying to find something that is tasty and healthy.
I hope you bring more out!


I tried the Tomato and Basil Flats today. Yummy and delicious. Can’t wait to try them with salsa or homemade dip. Well done will definitely try the other flavours.


Just found your products at my local IGA (Waterford, WA) and have to say they are wonderful.  And healthy.  And no crap in them.  Yeah!! I bought the Zucchini and Almond ones.  Delicious.