Delicious Tabbouleh With Cauliflower Rice

Tabouleh is probably one of the most popular salads served in the Mediterranean, and for good reason. It's very simple to make and tastes fresh and tangy, with lots of fresh parsley.

We've put our own spin on this classic by adding our Cauli Rice (from our Pantry Essentials range), but you can even use our Broc & Cauli Rice.

Cauli Rice is a great option to reduce carbs and increase vegetable intake in your diet. It's quick and easy to prepare - just add boiling water and wait 8 minutes.

Here's how to make our version of tabouleh!


2 bunches of parsley, finely cut

4 tomatoes, finely diced and strained (save the liquid)

1 small onion, finely diced

1/2 cup crack wheat (burghul)

1/4 tbsp ground black pepper

1/4 tbsp 7spice

Juice of 4 lemons

1/8 cup extra virgin olive oil


First, dust the diced onion with ground pepper and 7 spice.

Then, wash the burghul and let it sit in it's water for around 10 minutes. Strain it, squeezing out the water and then add to the tomato liquid to soak. 

Mix all ingredients together (excluding the oil and lemon juice) and add extra spices to taste. You may want to add some salt, extra pepper or 7 spices.

Add the oil and lemon juice to a jar and give it a good shake, pouring over the tabouleh when ready to serve.

Easy peasy!

*If you want to further customise your tasty tabouleh, feel free to add finely sliced spring onions or diced cucumber.